Sunday, 29 November 2020

Stagecoach in North East Lincolnshire Status

Here's a brief overview of the current Stagecoach service provision in North East Lincolnshire:

The following services are operating to either their pre-COVID-19 timetables, or are little changed from their pre-COVID-19 timetable:

  • 1: Grimsby-Europarc-Wybers Way Top
  • 2: Victor Street-Grimsby-Europarc 
  • 7: Laceby (peaks only)-Grange Estate-Grimsby-North Sea Lane - times are changed but the core half hourly Monday to Saturday daytime frequency remains. The first journey from Laceby at 0622 now operates on Saturdays as well as Monday to Friday (previous first Saturday service at 0652).
  • 20: Cleethorpes-Grimsby-Europarc-Wybers Way Top
  • 25: Grimsby-Binbrook-Market Rasen
  • 53: Grimsby-Caistor-Market Rasen-Lincoln
Services 3 and 4 between Laceby Road Morrisons, Grimsby Town Centre and Cleethorpes Town Centre have both been increased from every 12 minutes Monday to Friday daytimes and every 15 minutes Saturday daytimes pre-COVID-19 to every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes. Monday to Saturday evening provision drops from every 30-60 minutes to hourly whilst Sunday frequencies match the pre-pandemic service of half hourly on each route in the daytime and hourly in the evening. The evening and Sunday service 4 diversion via Curzon Avenue is not currently operating, whilst there are some notable earlier first journeys Monday to Saturday; 0510 rather than 0555 (Mon-Fri)/0710 (Sat) from Cleethorpes Pier on service 3 and 0425 from Morrisons instead off 0510 (Mon-Fri)/0700 (Sat) on service 4.

Service 5 between Grimsby Town Centre, the Willows Estate and Immingham and Service 6 between Grimsby Town Centre, the Willows Estate and Wybers Wood were last revised on Sunday 1st November and have a different Monday to Saturday pattern compared to pre-pandemic. Instead of a service 5 every 20 minutes and a service 6 every 20 minutes, there is presently a service 5A every half hour omitting the Cromwell Road loop in the Willows Estate and service 6 every 10-20 minutes to give an overall 10 minute frequency between Grimsby Town Centre and the Willows Estate (excluding the Cromwell Road loop). Evening and Sundays have the same provision as pre-pandemic with an hourly service 5 also serving Cleethorpes and North Sea Lane (evenings only), supplemented by service 6 hourly Sunday daytimes. Three Monday to Saturday morning service 5 journeys start back at Cleethorpes Pier at 0500, 0530 and 0600 compared to 0435 (0440 Sat), 0540 and 0640 from Humberston via North Sea Lane and Cleethorpes Pier pre-pandemic. The peak 5m variation to Catch Training is still provided.

Service 8 between Grimsby Town Centre, Grimsby Hospital, New Waltham and North Sea Lane is reduced from half hourly to hourly on Sunday daytimes, compared to the pre-pandemic timetable, but remains half hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes and hourly daily evenings. Times are revised and the first Saturday service from North Sea Lane is now at 0610 rather than 0720. 

Services 9/10 between Waltham, Grimsby Hospital, Grimsby Town Centre, Cleethorpes Town Centre and North Sea Lane remain every 15 minutes combined Monday to Saturday daytime, with service 10 hourly daily evenings. The Sunday daytime service 10 is presently hourly as opposed to half hourly until March, and the Monday to Saturday morning increase from half hourly to every 15 minutes across routes 9 and 10 combined between Waltham and Grimsby now starts at 0635 rather than 0810, but between Grimsby and North Sea Lane commences at 0710 instead off 0625 (Mon-Fri)/0640 (Sat).

Service 12 between Bradley Park, Grange Estate, Grimsby Town Centre, Cleethorpes Town Centre, New Waltham, and at peak times, Waltham, is operating Monday to Saturday to it's pre-pandemic Monday to Friday timetable, with some slight retimings. This means a reduced Saturday service, with the 'oddball' Saturday morning peak only 0745 Bradley Park to Grimsby not operating, the last service from Grimsby to Bradley Park being at 1337 rather than 1737 and rather than an hourly afternoon service from Grimsby to New Waltham, a gap exists between 1420 and 1740.

Service 50 between Grimsby and Saltfleet is operating to it's pre-pandemic Monday to Friday School Holiday timetable Monday to Saturday, including term times apart from the morning peak service from Saltfleet serving Humberston Academy and Grimsby College on schooldays. As a result the Saturday only 0920 Grimsby to Saltfleet and 1600 Saltlfeet to Grimsby have not been restored to the timetable.

The section of service 51 between Louth and Mablethorpe has been withdrawn and replaced by a lower frequency extension of Stagecoach's Lincoln to Louth service instead. Between Grimsby and Louth the 51 is operating to it's pre-pandemic hourly Monday to Saturday daytime frequency.

Service 250 between Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Hull was re-routed between Keelby and Barton as off 1st September, whilst service 450 between Immingham, Barton and Brigg was withdrawn after operation on Saturday 29th August due to the cessation of the North Lincolnshire Council tender, more details on both changes here.

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