Saturday, 7 November 2020

Bricknell Estate Update

Stagecoach service 3b between Hull Paragon Interchange and the Bricknell Estate currently continues to provide a hourly Monday to Saturday off peak service as it did pre-pandemic, however it has been cut back at the start and end of the day. In the morning, the peak service has been withdrawn with the first journey from the Bricknell Estate now at 0902 Monday to Saturday rather than 0653 Monday to Friday and 0753 Saturday, and from Paragon Interchange at 0945 Monday to Saturday rather than 0835 Monday to Friday and 0945 Saturday. In the afternoon, the 3b now has final departures from Paragon Interchange at 1345 Monday to Friday and 1445 Saturday as opposed to 1445 Monday to Friday and 1645 Saturday. From the Bricknell Estate the last service is now at 1402 Monday to Friday and 1502 Saturday instead of 1502 Monday to Friday and 1702 Saturday.

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