Sunday 8 November 2020

Stagecoach in Hull: What's Operating Normally or Almost Normally?

While many Stagecoach services in Hull are currently operating to different timetables (and in some cases routes) compared to pre-COVID-19, there are a couple of exceptions where the pre-pandemic service is currently being provided:

  • 242: Hedon to Beverley
  • 677: Hull Paragon Interchange to Preston Cranswick Foods
In addition the following services currently only have minor changes compared to the pre-pandemic provision:
  • 16: Hull Paragon Interchange to Preston Road - the Saturday only 0840 departure from Paragon Interchange is not operating, the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1440 departure from Paragon Interchange and 1509 return now operate at 1450 and 1519 respectively Monday to Saturday. Some other journeys have also been slightly retimed.
  • 123: Beverley to Bransholme North Point Shopping Centre - the college day extension to/from Wilberforce College is not currently operating (unless it's a 'closed' schools service extension?)
  • 350: Hull Paragon Interchange to Scunthorpe - the final 'full route' journey in each direction Monday to Saturday at 2010 from Scunthorpe and 2120 from Hull is not currently operating, with alternate journeys one hour earlier. In addition neither are the Saturday only 2220 and 2330 Hull to Barton and 2255 Barton to Hull 'shorts', though there is a new 2330 Hull to Barton service 255 journey (more in a future post). A planned April change to the Sunday service, to provide a two hourly frequency, did not take place. As a side note, the last service from Scunthorpe on a Sunday remains at 2010, so an hour later than the rest of the week.

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Tom Irvin said...

The 123 is not listed on the school services page of the Stagecoach website so I suspect is no longer operated. Beverley does retain the service 81 to Wilberforce College.