Sunday, 6 October 2019

Stagecoach 8 Changes

Stagecoach made some small changes to service 8 in Hull on Monday 2nd September. The service operates in a circle from Paragon Interchange via Beverley Road, Sutton Park, North Point, Salthouse Road and Holderness Road back to Paragon Interchange, and vice versa, every half hour Monday to Saturday daytimes. Some journeys operate as service 8a or 8x variants.

The weekday 0732 8x from Paragon Interchange to North Point via Beverley Road, Clough Road and the Sutton Fields Industrial Estate now operates as a circular back to Paragon Interchange via Salthouse Road, incorporating the previous college holiday only 0807 service 8 from North Point.

Whilst the circular service has been improved in the morning, it is different in the afternoon. The weekday clockwise 1402 circular service 8a from Paragon Interchange becomes a 1402 service 8 terminating at North Point, and the 1532 service 8 circular from Paragon Interchange now terminates at North Point. Whilst sadly not shown in the service 8 timetable, these journeys now appear to continue as service 85, via the service 8 route, from North Point back to Paragon Interchange and onto the Bricknell Estate. As a result however the apparent cut is not a significant as the service 8 timetable indicates. The loss however is that the last 8a variant from North Point to the unique sections of route on Biggin Avenue, Kestrel Avenue and Howdale Road is now at 1337 rather than 1437 Monday to Friday.

In the anti clockwise direction, there are now two hour long gaps on weekdays in the service 8 timetable, between 1405 and 1505 from Paragon Interchange, and again between 1535 and 1635 (the latter had existed on college days previously). There are journeys however on service 83 from Paragon Interchange at 1430 and 1600 which operate to Salthouse Road, North Point and Sutton Park on the service 8 route before serving Orchard Park and Cottingham; again sadly these journeys are not shown on the service 8 timetable despite going a long way to fill the gaps in service 8. Whilst being aimed at Wilberforce College students, the 83, and 85 mentioned earlier, appear to operate during college holidays as well.

Times of other journeys were also amended by up to 5 minutes, especially in the anti clockwise direction.

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