Sunday, 13 October 2019

Stagecoach 50 Afternoon Changes

Stagecoach service 50 between Grimsby and Saltfleet was amended in the afternoons on Monday 2nd September. The 50 links Grimsby with various villages to the south east of the town, most of which are within the Lincolnshire County Council area. The service operates three times a day on weekdays, and four times a day on Saturdays, though discounting what are essentially in service positioning journeys, the 50 offers two morning journeys into Grimsby, and two afternoon services from Grimsby, providing a basic service for commuters, students and shoppers.

On schooldays the 1435 from Grimsby now additionally serves New Waltham and Holton Le Clay, with a resultant increase in journey time of 18 minutes for those travelling from Grimsby to villages between Tetney and Saltfleet inclusive; a Grimsby to Tetney journey on this particular departure is now timed for 58 minutes, compared to a direct car journey time of 14 minutes according to Google. During school holidays the 1450 departure from Grimsby now operates 8 minutes later at 1458.

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