Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Blog Notice: Comments

To everyone who has left comments in the past 18 months or so, a massive apology. The emails I used to get to notify me that a comment needed moderating - moderation being necessary due to spam comments - stopped and I never looked into the blog comment settings until tonight. I have now approved all the non-spam comments, and hopefully sorted out my email notification.

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Anonymous said...

Amblearch Ltd is the new registered name for Busking of Driffield.

The registered address is still shown as the home of Alan Wilkinson in North Frodingham.

Tim Wilkinson a director of the company left in September shortly before the change.
It also does seem that rumours regarding the takeover by Acklams of Beverley are correct.

The 135 and the Driffield Town service are now registered with Acklams but still appear on the Busking website for some reason