Saturday, 19 October 2019

Cliffsider Retimed

Stagecoach retimed journeys on their 'Cliffsider' service 103 between Scunthorpe, Messingham, Kirton and Lincoln on Monday 2nd September. The service remains approximately every two hours Monday to Saturdays, along with three daytime Scunthorpe to Messingham and return 'shorts'. Most notably the 0645 from Scunthorpe to Lincoln now operates 15 minutes earlier at 0630, and the Messingham to Scunthorpe 'shorts' are now better co-ordinated with the full route 103 journeys. Previously daytime departures from Messingham were at 0938, 1024, 1138, 1224, 1338, 1424 and 1538, but they are now at 0933, 1028, 1133, 1228, 1333, 1428 and 1533. Service 100 departures from Messingham to Scunthorpe are at 8 minutes past the hour however, so the 'perfect' coordination between the 100 and 103 in some hours has been lost, with slightly improved coordination in other hours.

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