Sunday, 29 September 2019

Stagecoach East Hull 16 minor reduction

Back on Monday 2nd September, Stagecoach amended East Hull service 16 between Paragon Interchange, Victoria Dock, Newbridge Road and Preston Road (Archbishop Sentamu Academy). The service remains hourly for much of the day Monday to Saturday, but now has some additional gaps on weekdays. College day service 86 was also withdrawn at the same time; this had previously filled in some gaps in service 16.
  • The 0840 from Paragon Interchange to Archbishop Sentamu Academy was withdrawn on weekdays during college holidays. Combined with the end of service 86 there are now no weekday departures from Paragon Interchange between 0720 and 0940. The 0840 continues to operate on Saturdays.
  • The 1440 from Paragon Interchange and 1509 return from Archbishop Sentamu Academy no longer operate on Thursdays, leaving a 150 minute gap in the timetable. During college term times this is presumably related to Wilberforce College having an early Thursday finish.
  • The 1540 service 16 (college holidays)/service 86 (college days) from Paragon Interchange is replaced by a new Monday to Friday service 16 from Paragon Interchange at 1610. The 1540 service 16 remains on Saturdays.
  • The 1609 service 16 from Archbishop Sentamu Academy (college holidays) and 1620 service 86 from Wilberforce College (college days) are replaced by a new Monday to Friday service 16 1640 departure from Archbishop Sentamu Academy. The 1609 continues to operate on Saturdays.

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