Thursday, 4 December 2008

Stagecoach Grimsby Cleethorpes Christmas/New Year Services

Stagecoach Grimsby/Cleethorpes Christmas and New Year Service provision:

Christmas Eve: Normal service until 6pm
Christmas Day/Boxing Day: No services
Saturday 27th: Normal Service
Sunday 28th: Normal Service
Monday 29th/Tuesday 30th: Saturday service, though the former Road Car routes 3, 25. 51, 150 and 250 will operate as normal
Wednesday 31st: As 29th/30th but with a 6pm finish
Thursday 1st: No Services
Friday 2nd: As 29th/30th

Would be nice to see a trial Boxing Day service on the core 13/14 and 9 routes...


Anonymous said...

Message to the person who wants to see services through xmas,You go operate them cos drivers have families just like you and like xmas with them so go take a running jump

Humber Transport said...

I am not really sure that the tone is required there. However while many drivers will want time off, surely there will be some who would either like to work, or who would be prepared too for extra pay? If I could have worked on Boxing Day (or Christmas Day for that matter) I would have done.