Thursday, 18 December 2008

EYMS Service 1A

Full details of the route changes to EYMS service 1A from January 5th have been released. The service will now operate from St. Georges Road down to Hessle Road then up Hawthorn Avenue to Anlaby Road before picking up the existing route. Currently it goes from St. Georges Road along Anlaby Road then down Hawthorn Avenue the other way to Askew Avenue and Pickering Road which are served by the 1C.

A few comments on this service. Firstly the number, 1A - the service now bears very little difference to the 1C, which before Sepetember it was closely co-ordinated with. Maybe renumber to the 9, which has been used in the past for services to the area?

Secondly why still extend to Sibelius Road? Sometimes the 1A and 1C leave within 6 minutes of each other, then no bus for till the next 1C 54 minutes later. I have been in Hull city centre before on a bus with the 1A in front and 1C behind. Cutting out Sibelius Road would allow the service to go hourly, rather than every 80 minutes, with buses terminating around Hawthorn Avenue/Wheeler Street.

And thirdly stand allocation in Hull Interchange. It is allocated to stand 3 with the 350 but twice a day the two services conflict. The 1A arrives at 0915/1315 and departs at 0920/1320 with the 350 arriving at 0918/1318 and departing at 0925/1325. So the 350 has to pinch someone's elses stand or go back down to the roundabout at the end of the bus station and come back again. I have seen once the 350 have to do that twice. I don't know why the 1A no longer uses the now unallocated Stand 1 (maybe safety as it's a bit tight) but a standard hourly timetable, co-ordinated with the 350 could be a solution (see above).

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