Friday, 19 December 2008

Stagecoach 51 (Grimsby-Louth) changes

Stagecoach Lincolnshire are making changes to service 51 from Monday 5th January. This service was transferred from Louth to Grimsby depot upon Louth's closure in the summer, and that may have influenced some of the changes. From examination of the new timetable there seems to be a new journey at 0555 from Grimsby to Louth. The following are withdrawn:
  • 0820 from Grimsby to Louth - this operated Saturdays and School Holidays only. A partial replacement is provided within Louth
  • 1650 from Grimsby to Louth
  • 1750 from Grimsby to Louth

The 0745 college day only service 51A from Louth will now start at North Thoresby, as shall the College Holiday 0815 service 51 from Louth and Saturday only 51 from Louth.

The 1820 from Grimsby to Louth will terminate at North Thoresby meaning there is a 3 hour 10 minute gap from 1720 till 2030 for buses from Grimsby to Louth. As can be seen, afternoon peak services from Grimsby to Louth are heavily cut back. Only the 1720 remains suitable for Louth commuters.

Unless stated all services mentioned run Monday to Saturday.

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