Thursday, 18 December 2008

EYMS New 215/315

EYMS have released the new 215/315 timetable.

The 215 and 315 replace the short Hull to Endike Lane journeys on the 115. The 315 is the same route as the 115 but the 215 operates via Cottingham Road and Hall Road to Endike Lane, rather than via Cranbrook Avenue. The 215/315 operate as a circular. The service will operate as the 215 from Hull, and 315 from Endike Lane in the morning, and in the afternoon the reverse will apply. The aim is to provide more buses from Hull City Centre to the Cottingham Road University entrance in the morning, and back into Hull in the afternoon.

However co-ordination with the 105, the other service to Cottingham Road, is appaling. The 105 and 215 leave Hull Interchange at identical times, and leave the University in the afternoon within 1 minute of each other. For two services on 20 minute frequencies this very bad co-ordination, though there is the need to maintain 105/115 co-ordination in Cottingham, and the new 215/315 has to be co-ordinated with the 115.

Timetable -[225]EY%20115%20TT.pdf

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