Friday, 5 December 2008

Major 115 changes from January

EYMS are making big changes to the 115 from January 4th. The service currently links Hull with Castle Hill Hospital via Princes Avenue, Newland Avenue, Cranbrook Avenue (for the the University), Endike Lane and Cottingham. The Monday to Saturday daytime frequency is every 10 minutes between Hull City Centre and Endike Lane and every 20 minutes to Castle Hill Hospital.

The 115 will be little changed for the full length journeys between Hull and Castle Hill Hospital, beyond minor timing changes. A Sunday service will be introduced, but with route changes in Cottingham.

The big changes affect the current short journeys between Hull City Centre and Endike Lane. These will be replaced with new circular services 215 and 315. They shall follow the 115 route up to Newland Avenue then operate via Cottingham Road (University main entrance) and Hall Road to Endike Lane before returning via the 115 route down Cranbrook Avenue into Hull. EYMS say this will maintain a 10 minute frequency between Hull City Centre and Endike Lane.

Until the timetable is released next week it remains to be seen if the every 10 minute frequency is from Endike Lane overall (via both Cranbrook Avenue and Hall Road), or from Endike Lane via Cranbrook Avenue only. If the latter then the extensions from Endike Lane via Hall Road back into Hull mean an extra 3 buses an hour for Endike Lane into Hull, and also down the busy Newland Avenue/Princes Avenue corridor.

As a regular user of the 115 I have a personal interest in the new timetable, and in particular am pleased about more buses down Cottingham Road - maybe I won't need to run down to Cranbrook Avenue in future when I'm in a rush to get back into Hull and don't have 20 minutes to wait for the 105?

Information from the latest EYMS newsletter.

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