Saturday 22 February 2014

North Lincolnshire Bus Cuts in 2016-17 ?

North Lincolnshire Council's proposed 2014-18 Budget includes a £68,000 saving in "bus subsidy procurement" in 2014-15 and a £100,000 reduction in subsidised bus services in 2016-17, with the development of community transport, I presume as a replacement for the affected bus services.

North Lincolnshire has not seen any major cuts to tendered services in the past few years (and the 260 Villager gained a Saturday service). Bigger cuts were actually made in 2006. 10 years after those cuts, further cuts could be coming.

The budget is presented to a full council meeting on 25th February, and the report can be accessed on this page.


Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to have a list of exactly which services are subsidised in North Lincolnshire. Roadcar used to mark these in the timetables, but Stagecoach do not. I know the 1735 38 bus, and 1800 34 are, as these were placed on "use it or loose it" a couple of years ago, but I am sure there are other odd trips that will be.

Are the 31A/32A still? They always used to be, but since Stagecoach upped the sunday frequency last year, I am not sure if they still will be or not - If there is demand for an enhanced service then surely the existing service should have be commercially viable? At least during the day on Sundays.

Humber Transport said...

Some tendered servcies off the top of my head:
68 Wolds Villager
91/92/93 Brigg Town Service - does Brigg Town Council part fund?
254 Barton Town Service - Barton Town Council part fund
260 Barton Villager

The EYMS operated evening journey on the 350 was tendered as off a couple of years ago - and I guess it still is. Not sure if the EYMS operated Sunday journeys are tendered or commercial

The Humber Flyer receives a contribution from NLC

Anonymous said...

I know this doesn't go to North Lincs, but has the "Skegness express" that ran from Louth to Cleethorpes and Skegness last year been cancelled? As there is still no Sunday service for the interconnect 51 despite it being way past Easter.