Friday 21 February 2014

EYMS 1E March Changes

January saw the introduction of Hull City Council tendered service 1E, operated by EYMS, between Mizzen Road in North Hull, the city centre and Sibelius Road in West Hull. However it has struggled to run to time, and from Monday 3rd March will be revised.

Currently in West Hull all journeys serve the Royal Infirmary, Rawling Way, Hessle Road Boyes, Boulevard, Selby Street, St George's Road, Hessle Road Asda, Hawthorn Avenue, North Road, Askew Avenue and Pickering Road en-route to Sibelius Road. From next month the 1E will omit Hawthorn Avenue and North Road, instead operating directly from Hessle Road to Askew Avenue via the railway flyover. The 1E is reduced from hourly to operate every two hours, with new service 1D operating in the alternate hours. Service 1D will follow the 1E route between Mizzen Road and Hessle Road Boyes before operating directly along Hessle Road to Asda, omitting Boulevard, Selby Street and St George's Road. After serving Hessle Road Asda service 1D shall provide a replacement service for Hawthorn Avenue and North Road before joining the 1E route to Sibelius Road.

As a result Boulevard, Selby Street, St George's Road, Hawthorn Avenue and North Road go from having an hourly service to having a two hourly service. Compared to recent service standards that level of service is still good, and with a shorter route hopefully the revised 1D/1E will do better at keeping to time.

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