Friday, 2 March 2012

Interconnect 3 April Changes

Traveline East Midlands has the new timetable for Interconnect 3 from April 2nd.

Lincoln to Grimsby

  • The 0655 Lincoln-Grimsby is unaltered

  • The 0730 Grimsby-Lincoln becomes a schooldays only service terminating at De Aston School in Market Rasen

  • The 0840 Lincoln-Grimsby remains, operating 5 minutes later from Market Rasen

  • There are no more Lincoln to Grimsby services for the rest of the morning, but there are new short Lincoln-Dunholme and Laceby-Grimsby journeys

  • The 1340 Lincoln-Grimsby will operate as far as Market Rasen connecting into a new 1435 Market Rasen-Grimsby journey (I suspect a change of bus will ne needed)

  • The 1440 from Lincoln remains as far as Market Rasen (on schooldays at least) but the 3B continuation via Binbrook is cancelled

  • The 1540 and 1740 Lincoln to Grimsby remain, but the 1710 is cancelled

Grimsby to Lincoln

  • The 0645 from Grimsby to Lincoln is unaltered

  • The 0705 Grimsby to Lincoln 3B is cancelled

  • The 0835 Market Rasen to Lincoln is replaced by a schooldays only 0845 from Middle Rasen to Lincoln

  • The 0840 from Grimby to Lincoln is unaltered

  • Then again no through journeys for the rest of the morning, but Grimsby-Laceby and Dunholme-Lincoln short workings operate

  • The 1340 Grimsby to Lincoln is split at Market Rasen

  • The 1440 from Grimsby to Lincoln will operate from Market Rasen to Lincoln on schooldays only

  • The 1540 from Grimsby to Lincoln is unaltered

  • The 1710 and 1810 from Grimsby to Lincoln are merged into a new 1740 service

Not just two journeys a day between Grimsby and Lincoln, but not two hourly either!

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Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what happens with passenger numbers on these revised services. I assume that a significant number of passengers travelling will be using oap passes, but with this scheme not starting until 9.30, either most travelling from Lincoln side of Market Rasen will have to pay adult fares, or wait until almost 2pm. It seems strange that there is such a big 4 hour gap at what I would have thought is the busiest part of the day?