Thursday, 8 March 2012

CT Plus Park and Ride Contract extended

CT Plus's contract with Hull City Council to operate the Priory Park Park and Ride service has been extended by two years.

Hull Daily Mail article

And while on the subject off CT Plus, this comment was posted on the blog last week:
"Just wondering if anyone knew anything about CT Plus taking over Ellie Rose? "


William Massey said...

I've heard CT plus are taking over Ellie Rose, apparently the owners ill and wants to sell up

Anonymous said...

Will this mean they need new vechiles?

Anonymous said...

Ive heard ct plus are after school contracts maybe that why they are after ellie rose..

Anonymous said...

Might be problems all round for some of Hulls smaller operators as its rumoured that the City council want newer vehicles on all school runs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i heard 20 yrs old no buses can be older then .heard stagecoach have got a lot of school runs does anybody no.