Thursday, 15 March 2012

EYMS service cuts coming?

This week's Route One magazine contains news on EYMS's fleet - in particular the purchase of 27 2002/03 Volvo B7/Plaxton President double deckers from London (5 have been converted for open top service in Scarborough). I don't normally cover fleet issues on here, but the comments by Peter Shipp in Route One are noteworthy.

He says the purchase will help EYMS meet the 'end of 2016' Disability Discrimination Act deadline for the withdrawal of non-low floor vehicles, with just 34 non wheelchair accessible buses in the fleet from May. And some of those 34 Peter Shipp "suspects" may "regrettably" be removed from service due to service cuts triggered by fuel duty increases and the recent cut in BSOG.

It's not surprising service cuts are on the agenda for EYMS. Peter Shipp has been very vocal about the pressures on his company and the wider bus industry. Plus EYMS has a lot of high mileage routes. I would guess EYMS are trying to avoid making cuts for as long as possible, hence why no changes next month when BSOG is cut.

However good to see EYMS upgrading it's fleet more than 4 years before it has to.

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