Thursday, 2 September 2010

Stagecoach Hull's Other September Changes

In addition to the 10 and 110 changes, plus the new 123 and takeover of the 242 contract, Stagecoach Hull are making other more minor changes to their network on Monday 6th September.

Satellite monitoring has allowed Stagecoach to monitor services better and a result timetables are being altered to be more reliable - resulting changes affect the 1, 2, 13, 14, 15, 28, 32, 42, 43, 51 and 54.

There are also some enhancements planned. Monday to Saturday evening frequencies on the 13A/14A and 42 increase to half hourly, making this the minimum evening frequency on all core routes. The 15 minute evening frequency on the 15 will operate until 2100 while the Saturday daytime frequency will be restored to operate every 10 minutes, reversing an April 2009 cut. Monday to Friday afternoon 43B/54B journeys now operate as normal 43/54's as a through service.

Furthermore while not officially announced, the new service 30 timetable shows 3 new weekday evening peak short journeys from Hull Bowl on Holwell Road in to Hull City Centre - I guess to serve Sutton Fields Industrial Estate. Meanwhile the final two departures on service 30 from Hull Interchange at 2240 and 2320 daily are now numbered 30W. In the past the W suffix indicated an extension to Wawne. There is nothing to say this is happening in the timetable, but unless it is a mistake in the timetable, why else the renumbering?

Finally an interesting end to the press release on the changes: "This is only the beginning. More information soon". The beginning of what? Better reliability as the changes intend or something more? Could it just be referring to the as yet officially announced 123/242. Or further frequency increases planned for the future? Or new services? Or new investment in the fleet (maybe all frequento services to actually be low floor operated)?

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