Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hull Circular (Service 10) enhancements

From Monday (6th September) Stagecoach Hull are making some changes to their troubled service 10 (Hull Circular), the second time in a year. But these changes seem to be positive for once.

Firstly the service will now serve Falkland Road in Greatfield, restoring links to the Preston Road Medical Centre lost in changes last year when service 40 was withdrawn. For a small time penalty, a 'quick win' here.

Perhaps more significant are changes to the peak time service. Firstly it is pleasing to note these changes are enhancements. The evening peak clockwise service and morning peak anti-clockwise services will become 10A's with a revised route. In West Hull they will operate via Cottingham Road, Hull University and Cranbrook Avenue, omitting Orchard Park. In East Hull they will operate via Leads Road, Sutton Road, Ings Road and Bellfield Avenue instead of Sutton Village - a route taken by the Hull Circular in the past.

The aim of the changes is to link East Hull to Hull University in the morning and return in the evening. While Orchard Park looses out in the peaks, I would suspect it generates more custom for the circular in daytime providing access to places such as Ennerdale Leisure Centre and North Point Shopping Centre, as well as for visiting friends and relatives in other parts of the city. But I am slightly baffled why the 10 is serving Sutton but the 10A Ings Estate? Is it the time saving routing via the university that allows Ings Estate to be served by the 10A but not the 10?

Whatever the reason though the 10A runs anti clockwise (East to West Hull) at 0730 and 0800 from Hull Interchange Monday to Friday (currently service 10 journeys). Clockwise the current 'short' journeys at 1625 and 1725 from Hull Interchange to the Bricknell Estate now extend as service 10A's back to Hull Interchange via East Hull. There is also a new 1717 Hull University-East Hull-Hull Interchange 10A to provide a half hourly frequency in the evening peak.

One slight cutback however; the 1600 service 10 Monday to Friday operating anti clockwise appears to be withdrawn, leaving an early last departure of 1515 from Hull Interchange on weekdays. The 1615 on Saturdays remains. Full new 10/10A timetable.

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Anonymous said...

"While Orchard Park looses out in the peaks," should read "While Orchard Park loses out in the peaks,".