Sunday, 5 December 2021

The Return of the 94

Service 94 between Brigg, Hibaldstow, Redbourne and Kirton in Lindsey resumed on Monday 27th September, around 13 months after it's withdrawal. It's again operated by Hornsby Travel and again is operating Monday to Friday only. There are however some key changes from it's old format.

Firstly the 94 now omits Scawby, operating direct between Brigg and Hibaldstow, an understandable decision as Scawby has the X4 to both Brigg and Scunthorpe. Omitting Scawby gives a direct Brigg to Hibaldstow journey time of 9 minutes, rather than 15 minutes.

Secondly there is also a route change in Kirton in Lindsey, where the 94 no longer 'doubles up' as a town service, including serving the former RAF base Barracks, but instead operates a simple loop via South Cliff Road, Dunstan Hill, Moat House Road, Turner Street, Church Street, Spa Hill and King Edward Street.

Thirdly the timetable is notably different; there are no peak time journeys but more off-peak services between Brigg and Redbourne. Rather than operating approximately two hourly, the 'new' 94 has 5 journeys in each direction, departing Brigg for Kirton at 0900, 1200 and 1400, with 'shorts' to Redbourne at 1000 and 1300. Two morning journeys to Brigg, and the 1200 and 1300 from Brigg, divert via the Nookings estate in Hibaldstow.

Finally, with this incarnation of the 94, there are no through journeys onto service X4 to Scunthorpe.

Hibaldstow Parish Council website notes the restored 94 is a commercial venture, not tendered as it was previously. Hopefully the 94 is 'back for good', but however it turns out, credit to Hornsby Travel for trying. 

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