Saturday 28 March 2015

Humber Fastcat Early Morning Changes

North Lincolnshire Council report that the early morning services on the 350 Humber Fastcat between Hull, Barton and Scunthorpe will be revised from 1st June. I think this will be the first timetable change since November 2011. The service is jointly operated by Stagecoach and EYMS.

It will be interesting to see just what the changes are, as due to the involvement of both Hull and Scunthorpe depots in operating the service, Stagecoach's November 2011 change to early morning services required a balancing change to the early evening service, however no such evening change is indicated by North Lincolnshire Council. (In 2011 the early morning Hull-Barton and return and Scunthorpe-Barton and return services became through journeys, with one early evening service in each direction removed from the timetable)


Unknown said...

These are minor timing changes to aid reliability. 06.20 ex Scun to be 06.05, 07.05 to be 06.55 and 0735 to 07.25. Discussions are taking place how this will relate to the Barton train service.

Humber Transport said...
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Humber Transport said...

Thanks for the info. The first journey with Scunthorpe is also an advertised connection out of the early Grimsby-Barton Humber Flyer journey, so I guess Stagecoach will be keen to find a solution. The first journey also has a 45 minutes layover in Hull before returning, so I guess maintaining the arrival time in Hull is regarded as a priority, rather than just extending the running time and arriving later?

If the 0735 moves to 0725 with no further changes, there will be a 50 minute gap until the 0815 from Scunthorpe. If the depature from Barton also moves forward 10 minutes then it will leave at the same time as the Humber Flyer (0810 from Barton Station). Not ideal, but probably no easy solution that doesn't involve an extra vehicle and driver