Saturday 7 March 2015

EYMS Hedon Changes

On Monday (8th March), EYMS are amending their Hull to Hedon services 78, 79 and 277. There will be some retimings to improve punctuality, however the major change sees the withdrawal of the Monday to Saturday 1715 service 277 from Hull to Hedon and the 1800 service 78 from Hedon to Hull, due to "very low passenger numbers". Alternative 277 departures from Hull are at 1630 or 1940, while the villages of Bilton and Sproatley are served by service 220 departures from Hull at 1705 and 1805. Alternative service 78 departures from Hedon are at 1715 and 2019.

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NMcB said...

With the alternative of the 1705 service 220 for Bilton and Sproatley, the only village which really loses out with the withdrawal of the 1715 service 277 is Preston. However, there is an alternative (albeit taking 15 minutes longer) by using the 1710 service 78P to Hedon, which continues to Preston as a 277 arriving at 1802. In comparison, the 1715 service 277 arrived Preston at 1752.
The journey is shown as a through operation on the timetable and I assume the Hull - Preston fare is the same whichever way round the circle you go.