Friday 27 March 2015

EYMS Bridlington Service 100

The following was posted as an anonymous comment on this post earlier today, regarding EYMS's Summer service 100 between Bridlington and Flamborough:
"From July 20th EYMS will be operating the 100 service again with extensions at both ends of the previous service operation.

The route will take in South Shore Holiday camp and John Bull Rock Factory in the south of Bridlington, and will travel to the lighthouse in Flamborough as well as Thornwick Bay holiday park.

But the big news has to be this service will be operated using a open top vehicle.
This is the first time EYMS have operated a open top in Bridlington since the use of a ex Greater Manchester Atlantean quite a few years ago."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to see whether EYMS promote this summer service as last year there was no roadside information so the bus was running around with no passengers.