Friday, 24 August 2012

Stagecoach Grimsby Cleethorpes September Changes

Stagecoach Grimsby Cleethorpes are making various amendments to service from Monday 3rd September.

Interconnect 3b (Grimsby-Lincoln): This schooldays only variation now departs Grimsby 10 minutes earlier, at 0655, with a new route in Binbrook and Brookenby. The return afternoon journey also uses this unspecific revised route.
12: See here
14 (Cleethorpes-Grimsby-Morrisons): Services from Laceby Acres will now turn right to Morrisons
45 (Grimsby-Immingham-South Killingholme): The 0645 from Grimsby to Immingham (and beyond as service 450) moves to 0630 on schooldays. A new schoolday 0645 Grimsby to South Killingholme is added as a replacement. I presume the vehicle will then work the 552 South Killingholme-Baysgarth School service.
150: See here
450: See here
Humber Flyer (jointly operated with Stagecoach Hull): Minor intermediate timing changes.

On a side note, earlier this year I highlighted some inconsistencies between different Stagecoach timetables for the 45/46/150/450. I'm pleased to see Stagecoach have corrected most, if not all, off them in their new timetables. Two things I'm not quite sure about are:
  • Does the 0715 from Barton run on Saturdays or not? According to the Humber Connections timetable it does, but there is no early Humber Flyer to get the bus to Barton, and there is a 0715 Grimsby-South Killingholme which would make no sense if it did not 'pick up' the 0715 from Barton to Immingham/Grimsby at 0750
  • Does the 0805 from Habrough run on college holidays? I'd guess not from the timetable codes, but seems rather odd to provide a 6 day a week evening peak service to the village without a morning peak service in college holidays

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