Saturday, 25 August 2012

EYMS Hull to Hornsea Revisions

Services between Hull, Beverley and Hornsea operated by EYMS will have new times from Sunday 2nd September, to provide a more even spaced service across the various routes which are:

220/221: Hull-Aldbrough-Hornsea
920: Aldbrough-Hornsea
240: Hull-Skirlaugh-Hornsea
246: Hull-Beverley-Hornsea

From Hull the hourly 240 will depart at :15 minutes past the hour Monday to Saturday daytime, and the hourly 246 at :50 minutes past the hour. This compares to the current situation of both services departing Hull at :55 minutes past the hour. A significant improvement. However on the shared section of route between Catwick and Hornsea services will be at :54 and :57 minutes past the hour, compared to the current :03 and :37 minutes past the hour. EYMS are prioritising the larger Hull market.

In the reverse direction the 246 will be at :15 minutes past the hour from Hornsea, and the 240 at :45 minutes past the hour, which is a significant improvement on the current situation which sees the 246 depart at :25 minutes the past the hour, and the 240 at :40 minutes. The quicker route of the 240 means it arrives in Hull just 5 minutes after the 246 however. Overall EYMS seem to have co-ordinated the 240 and 246 the best they can considering their different lengths.

A further complicating factor is that the 246 is also co-ordinated with the 121 between Hull and Beverley via Dunswell. From Hull the even interval half hourly frequency is lost, but the service remain well spaced at :25 and :50 minutes past the hour, as compared to :25 and :55 minutes past the hour currently. From Beverley services now depart at :00 and :35 minutes past the hour, no different in terms of spacing than the current :10 and :35 minutes past the hour.

Also noteworthy is extra 240's diverting via Brandesburton. Currently served just by the 2100 from Hull Monday to Saturday (moves to 2055 in the new timetable), the weekday 1630 and Monday to Saturday 2300 will now also serve the village. In the reverse direction the weekday 0710 from Hornsea and Monday to Saturday 1830 join the existing Monday to Saturday 2200 from Hornsea in operating via the village. This provides an improved evening service for Brandsesburton, who's main service - the 246 - does not operate in the evening, as well as links to Hymers College.

Meanwhile the 220 and 221 see minor changes. The weekday 0926 220/221 from Aldbrough to Hull will now operate at 0930 while the Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1345 221 from Hull to Aldbrough moves to 1350, in line with the Tuesday and Thursday 220 1350 from Hull to Aldbrough. The Monday to Saturday 1700 220 from Hull to Hornsea moves to 1705.

The weekday 0725 920 Hornsea-Aldbrough and 0759 return will now operate 5 minutes earlier. The Monday to Saturday 920 1730 from Hornsea to Aldbrough and 1754 return is withdrawn. The 920 is tendered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 230 between Hornsea and Hull is unaltered.

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Anonymous said...

The 246 also provides connections into and out of the 523 at Beverley. The five minutes earlier running from Hull will make the connection more workable without Control regularly having to request that the 523 waits for the late-running 246. One the other hand the connection for Hull is now five minutes tighter but should still be achievable.