Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Stagecoach Hull Services 70/677/678 and Bus Map

The new (May) version of the Stagecoach Hull Bus Map has a couple of interesting things in it. Firstly the 350 and Humber Flyer are now shown on the map, recognising their role as local services within Hull.

But secondly and more notably the 677 and 678 Cranswick Foods workers buses are now shown and a timetable included within the bus map to start from 5th July. I take it then from this date they become available to the public?

The 677 and 678 link the Interchange with Cranswick Foods factories in Sutton Fields (678 only) and Preston, as well as serving the BP site on Hedon Road. They operate via Beverley Road, Clough Road, Sutton Road, Ings Road and Holderness Road to Preston before returning via Hedon Road. Some journeys however divert via the P&O Ferry Terminals at Hull Docks; here they will operate as existing service 70 back to Hull Interchange.

The 677 and 678 operate Monday to Friday only, in the early mornings and at peak times, roughly half hourly. The 70 has two departures from Hull Docks in the morning (0815 and 0900), and two departures from Hull Interchange in the afternoon peak (1700 and 1730). The current weekend service on the 70 is unaffected (0900 from the Docks, 1715 from the Interchange).


BA533 said...


677 has been around for quite a while now, and was opearted by Ellie Rose before Stagecoach. The 677 starts outside Nettos on Beverley Road, however as you know, from July it is to serve Hull Interchange.

The 678 is an complete new service.
Im not sure, but I thought the 70 just ran once in each direction, leaving the Ferry Ternimal once passengers are off the Ferry, and leaving Hull Interchange at around 5.15pm?

Hope this helps :)

Humber Transport said...

Yes, I think the current weekday 70 timetable is the same as the weekend timetable which remains unchanged

LEYTR said...

We like to think that, following our review of the Hull Bus Map produced by Stagecoach last year, they took on board all our misgivings and have produced a very concise publication.