Saturday, 12 June 2010

Executive Connect 3 Grimsby re-route complaints

The diversion of the newly relaunched service 3 away from Hainton Avenue and Weelsby Road to Bargate has caused some disquiet from those residents affected. A diversion of the 51 from Louth via the two roads is being considered, though potential unreliability issues need to be addressed. The idea of using Phone n'Ride instead was not well received.

Hainton Avenue also has the Humber Flyer for journeys into Grimsby. This service is hourly - and I don't think Hainton Avenue has had a sustained period of more frequent service for quite some time. The change however did leave a relatively short part of Weelsby Road without a service.

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Anonymous said...

Diverting the 51 is a usual Stagecoach tactic, and one that doesn't provide a long term solution.

What is needed is radical rethink of the Grimsbys Local bus services as the area around peoples park and Hainton Avenue suffers because it isn't on one of the two main bus corridors into the Bus Station (see the route map to see what I mean).

Alas I doubt such a rethink would ever be looked at, and the area will continue to be overlooked for bus services!