Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Less buses for Ellerker

From Sunday 14th June 2009, EYMS will reduce services to Ellerker, which is served by the 155 route from Hull to Gilberdyke. All Sunday services will be withdrawn, and the Monday to Saturday service will be reduced to a two hourly daytime only service. EYMS say this is due to congestion and comments from residents.



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Anonymous said...

This reduction is perhaps not as bad as it sounds - as the service to Ellerker has only been hourly since 4th January 2009. Prior to that it was two-hourly at best with no Sunday buses.

I am fairly certain that the off-peak service is now similar to that up until January. However, there is now no peak hour service to and from Hull - and I am not sure if one was provided previously. Does anyone know ?

Humber Transport said...

Looking back at some old EYMS timetables, Ellerker only had a morning peak service, on an extended 153 service, which is retains with the new timetable. No evening return facility.