Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Stagecoach Scunthorpe area changes

Stagecoach are making many changes in the Scunthorpe area from 25th May. Many are relatively minor retimings but Scunthorpe Town Services 33/34 see frequency cuts from every 20 to every 30 minutes. The Saturday journey on service 94 is also extended to Glentham.

Service 6 (Scunthorpe-Ashby, Monday to Saturday):
There are some intermediate timing changes while the 1750 from Scunthorpe shall now operate 10 minutes later at 1800, providing a later last journey.

Service 11 (Monday to Saturday):
There is a new 1430 departure from Scunthorpe Bus Station on this circular service to Bottesford and return via Ashby.

Service 17:
There is a new departure from Hilton Avenue at 1208 on this service which links Hilton Avenue in Scunthorpe to the town's Bus Station every Monday and Wednesday. This new journey appears to be a positioning journey operated 'in service' since there is either a 2 or 5 day wait until the next return journey from Scunthorpe Bus Station!

Service 30:
This new college day only service provides departures at 1455 and 1525 from John Leggott Colege to Scunthorpe Bus Station for early college finishers.

Service 31 (Monday to Saturday):
All journeys on this circular town service in Scunthorpe shall operate 5 minutes earlier. In Frodingham the service shall now no longer serve Lilac Avenue and Sandhouse Crescent, which are still served by service 10.

Service 32 (Monday to Saturday)
All journeys on this circular Scunthorpe town service shall operate 5 minutes earlier, while the 1520 and 1540 departures from Scunthorpe Bus Station shall be combined into a 1525 service. In Frodingham the service shall no longer service Lilac Avenue and Sandhouse Crescent.

Services 33/34 (Monday to Saturday)
In Bottesford these Scunthorpe town services shall no longer serve Caistor Avenue, Timberland, Queenswood Road and Holme Hall Avenue. Frequencies are reduced from every 20 to every 30 minutes while the first journeys of the day are slightly later than at present.

Service 38 (Scunthorpe-Crosby, Monday to Saturday):
The 0730 departure from Scunthorpe Bus Station shall operate 10 minutes earlier at 0720 and the 1720 departure shall run 5 minutes earlier at 1715.

Service 60:
The 0840 Scunthorpe-Whitton, Monday to Saturday, shall operate 5 minutes later at 0845.
The 1745 Scunthorpe-Whitton and 1825 return, Monday to Friday, shall both operate 5 minutes later at 1750 and 1830 respectively. The Saturday journey shall not change ... so much for simple timetables (though there could be an operational reason for this).

Service 94:
The Saturday service shall start at Glentham at 0925 before continuing as normal from Bishop Norton to Scunthorpe via Brigg. The return service at 1230 shall also extend to Glentham. This gives Glentham a new link to Scunthorpe, and the only suitable bus link for shopping in Brigg.

Service 101:
The 0655 schooldays only Scunthorpe to Gainsborough shall no longer operate.

Service 353:
The 0650 school and college days only journey from Scunthorpe to Hemswell Cliff shall operate 5 minutes earlier at 0645.

Service 365 (all changes are Monday to Friday only):
The 0645 Scunthorpe-Brigg-Wrawby shall operate 5 minutes earlier at 0640.
The 1715 Scunthorpe-Wrawby at 1759 return shall operate 20 minutes later at 1735 and 1819 providing a later last departure for Scunthorpe commuters.

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