Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bricknell Avenue Estate Changes

Last Saturday I posted some VOSA entries indicating the cancellation by Stagecoach Hull of the 63, and the registration of new service 110 from 27th July. Stagecoach have now released full details of their proposed changes.

The 63 operating from Hull Interchange to Castle Hill Hospital via Newland Avenue, the University, Chanterlands Avenue North, Bricknell Avenue Estate and Cottingham is indeed axed. It currently operates half hourly on weekdays and hourly on Saturdays. And there is a new hourly service 110 from Hull Interchange to Castle Hill operating via Spring Bank, Chanterlands Avenue, Bricknell Avenue Estate and Cottingham.

However what the VOSA entries didn't indicate is the diversion of service 10 (the Circular) via Bricknell Avenue Estate to maintain a half hourly weekday service into Central Hull (combined with the 110), and to restore the half hourly Saturday frequency.

These changes will give the Bricknell Avenue Estate a more direct route into Hull, and new links to areas such as Kingswood via service 10. Hopefully this will increase usage of bus services on the estate, which is currently declining according to Stagecoach.

However there are some downsides; the link to Cottingham is reduced to hourly - probably not a huge issue since Stagcoach will have struggled to attract much Cottingham-Hull traffic with the old 63 route, and the 110 should suffice for local needs. And the Bricknell Avenue Estate looses it's link to Newland Avenue. But perhaps most significantly Chanterlands Avenue North will be left without a bus service - last Autumn it had four buses an hour on the 10/11/63. It's not the most densley populated road and is near to other frequent bus routes, but it is a big change in the space of a year.

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