Tuesday, 24 March 2009

York Pullman

York Pullman, a reincarnation of a previous operator with the name in York, are entering the local bus market, including services into East Yorkshire. They currently operate sightseeing tours and coaches. Their new services replaced previous tendered and commercial First York services, posted as being cancelled earlier in the month.

New service 35, 'The Holme Run', from Holme to York will replace First service 18, with a roughly two hour frequency, supplemented by daytime service 36, 'The Village Link' between Sutton on Derwent and York. As well as the daytime service on route 35, there is a limited Friday and Saturday evening service. EYMS currently operate a Sunday service 18A between Holme and York. It is unknown if this will change.

York Pullman will also take over daily hourly evening journeys on route 10 between Stamford Bridge, York and Poppleton, as well as hourly Saturday morning journeys.

Service 10 timetable - http://www.yorkpullmanbus.co.uk/service10.pdf
Service 35/36 timetable - http://www.yorkpullmanbus.co.uk/service35_36.pdf

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