Friday, 20 March 2009

Humber Fastcat - 3 days to go

On Monday the enhanced service 350 will launch under the Humber Fastcat brand. Preparations are under way, including the provision of raised curbs at some bus stops. Was a bit surprised when my bus stop in Barton moved to the other side of the road as part of these works, being carried out by North Lincolnshire Council. However at one bus stop in Barton yesterday, access to these raised kerbs is blocked by residents cars parked at bus stops, making the raised kerb useless.

The timetable leaflet has been published - it's a timetable, with a map and a bit of tourist information. As good as it is, it would have been better with at least a passing reference to connecting services, especially at Barton. Some arrows to show the direction of buses in Barton would have been helpful, and some tourist information about Barton would have been nice. But what has really impressed me is the Stagecoach supervisor at Hull Interchange handing out copies to waiting passengers this week.

I originally wondered about the provision of service for college students at Scunthorpe from Barton, Barrow and East Halton. Going by the new bus stop information in Barton I saw yesterday, the 360 East Halton to Scunthorpe service will remain - and one 350 journey will also serve the Scunthorpe Colleges.

Finally the EYMS press release has announced three Fastcat bus surgeries.

Scunthorpe (High Street), Friday 20 March, 10am until 2pm.
Hull (Queen Victoria Square), Saturday 21 March, 10am until 4pm.
Barton (Tesco), Friday 27 March, 10am until 4pm.

I shall certainly be trying to attend one. While there are a few suggestions I have, such as the comments about the leaflet I made above, and my unhappiness about Stagecoach's recent fare increase, I shall certainly say how impressed I am generally with the relaunch, and the effort that has gone into it.

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Anonymous said...

Re Bus stops blocked by cars. It is illegal for the drivers of buses to put down or pick up disabled passengers [and I suspect elderly people and people with small children] in the middle of the road because they cannot get close to the kerb. At a conference I attended in 2006 in London it was suggested that traffic wardens travelling on buses would solve the problem within a few days.