Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day 1 of the Humber Fastcat

Yesterday I used the Humber Fastcat (former 350 service) on it's launch day for the my regular journey from Barton to Hull.

And the brand new MAN/Enviro 300 buses bought by Stagecoach are very nice. Standard blue and orange coroprate interior, but other than that the only other obvious sign they belong to Stagecoach is a small logo on the rear window. This is deliberate and reflects the joint nature of the service with EYMS, who have also repainted a Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban, previously used on the 115, in an almost identical orange livery - the only difference seems to be an advert for their Hull Plus weekly ticket on the back window. Some pictures of EYMS 343 'Kitty':

My journeys yesterday were on Marmalade and Fluffy (22759 and 22760), which both appear to be Stagecoach Hull vehicles. Travelling into Hull on Marmalade, I saw (and had my ticket checked) by the first bus inspector I had seen in years. And he was a bit surprised Stagecoach Hull had workings on the service! Very polite and smartly dressed however, carrying out his job well.

Some more pictures taken in Barton yesterday below, including a new bus stop flag and 'Moggy'.

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deadendwaterfall said...

Earlier this year, for some strange reason, I have often seen Dennis Dart SLF buses being used for the 350 route rather than the Fastcat branded buses!