Saturday, 14 March 2020

80 reroute in Hessle

From Monday 6th April, East Yorkshire will be rerouting service 80 between Hessle and Beverley within Hessle. Currently the 80 operates between Beverley Road and First Lane via Richmond Road and Seaton Road, along which it is the only service. Due to this route "frequently being blocked by badly parked cars", the 80 is to be rerouted via the parallel Sunningdale Road and Cottesmore Road (the service 66 route). There are no timetable changes associated with this.


NMcB said...

According to the interactive map for route 80 on the East Yorkshire website, there are no stops along Richmond Road and Seaton Road, with the nearest stops being in Beverley Road Hessle or First Lane. So unless this is a ‘hail-and-ride’ area, it seems this change will inconvenience nobody, while benefiting anyone wishing to travel from the stops in Sunningdale Road and Cottesmore Road to Anlaby, Willerby, Cottingham, Beverley, etc.

Tom Irvin said...

The 80 is indeed hail and ride in that area, with many less mobile passengers getting on and off along Richmond and Seaton Roads.

I have long seen drivers struggling down there, particularly when one of the longer wheelbase single deckers is used. I have often thought that the route would best be servced by short wheelbase vehicles. Now it seems the problem has been solved in a less positive way.

NMcB said...

Thanks for that. Apart from Hessle Town Service 183, I hadn’t realised that there were any other hail-and-ride sections on ' in the old ‘Haltemprice’ area.