Sunday, 23 February 2020

Bridlington to Scarborough Changes

East Yorkshire commence their Summer timetable on the 12 and 13 'Coaster' branded services between Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough on Saturday 7th March - Summer on these routes running for 8 months of the year. Times of many journeys are changed slightly compared to the 2019 Summer timetable, with the more significant alterations covered below. The 'core' daily daytime service remains 1 service 12 per hour, 1 full route service 13 per hour and 1 service 13 'short' per hour between Scarborough and Filey, creating a 20 minute combined frequency between Filey and Scarborough, and two buses per hour between Bridlington and Scarborough (half hourly from Bridlington, 20/40 minute spacing from Scarborough). All comparisons are between the Summer 2019 timetable, and the East Yorkshire website timetable for the 7th, 8th and 9th of March 2020.

The Monday to Friday only service 119 from Primrose Valley (south of Filey) to Scarborough via Eastfield Industrial Estate (south of Scarborough) is replaced by a Monday to Friday only 0630 service 12A from Bridlington to Scarborough via Eastfield Industrial Estate. This provides an arrival from Bridlington into Scarborough nearly an hour earlier than previously available.

The daily evening timetable is enhanced for travel between Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough, and for passengers to/from the various holiday villages along the coast served by service 13, though is reduced for passengers on service 12 which focuses on the villages between the towns rather than the holiday centres. The 2020 service 12 and 2050 service 13 departures from Bridlington Bus Station are replaced by service 13 departures at 2000, 2100 and 2200; the last service 12 departure from Bridlington is now at 1930. Leaving Scarborough the 1845 service 13 and 1945 service 12 departures are replaced by service 13 departures at 1840, 1940 and 2040, plus a 2140 from Scarborough to Reighton Sands Holiday Village; the last service 12 departure from Scarborough is now at 1810. (The service 12 last departures are in line with the winter timetable).

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