Monday, 30 December 2019

For The Record

For the record, Stagecoach have operated the 260 Barton Villager to a normal weekday timetable on Friday 27th December, today Monday 30th December and will do so tomorrow Tuesday 31st December. This is contrary to their online publicity which states a Saturday service is being provided, and Stagecoach do not operate the 260 on Saturdays.

As such this post from earlier in the month is now void. However it does raise a new issue - why are Stagecoach advertising a Saturday service with no exceptions listed when there is an exception?

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Anonymous said...

That's easy to answer: because they're a generically incompetent organisation.

I was employed by them for 10 years before they lost the EM rail franchise and I am utterly certain that they employ managers to be two things, and two things only: yes men (to those more senior), and nasty as heck (to those beneath them).
Competence and ability is the last thing Stagecoach want; they don't have anything to hold over competent staff and threaten them about.

Horrible organisation. I pity anyone stuck working for them.