Saturday, 14 December 2019

Brigg Town Service Amended

The Hornsby Travel operated service 91 Brigg Town Service was revised from Tuesday 3rd December.

The Tuesday and Thursday 0908 from Churchill Avenue, in the eastern part of Brigg, to Cary Lane, in the town centre, was replaced by a 0910 from Springbank, in northern Brigg, to Cary Lane 'direct' service (i.e. not via Churchill Avenue). This gives the Springbank area a half hour earlier first arrival into Brigg Town Centre, but the Churchill Avenue area a 35 minute later first arrival.

The Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1045 circular from Brigg Cary Lane now starts at the town's Lidl store and after serving the Springbank area now returns direct to Cary Lane rather than operating via Churchill Avenue. Instead the former 1125 from Brigg Cary Lane to Springbank and return omitting Churchill Avenue now operates at 1115 and includes the Churchill Avenue area.

Finally the Tuesday and Thursday 1425 from Brigg to Cary Lane to Springbank and return 'direct' also now starts at the Lidl store. Brigg's Lidl is on the edge of the town centre and will be in walking distance for some, especially if not carrying lots of shopping. Maybe that is why two journeys start at Lidl but none terminate there?

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