Monday, 24 June 2019

Brough/Melton/Ferriby Rail Station – Optimisation Study

On Friday (28th June), the Humber LEP's Investment and Regulation Board meets, and agenda item 8 is the following:

Brough/Melton/Ferriby Rail Station – Optimisation Study (Confidential for members of the Board only)

No further details are available due to the confidential nature of the study, but it would seem that a review of the location of Brough and Ferriby stations has taken place, as well as consideration of the possibility of a new or reopened station at Melton, in between Brough and Ferriby.

Both Brough and Ferriby stations are located in residential areas, with Brough Station also close to the BAe site. Residential development is taking place east of the current Brough station. Any new station at Melton would be in a predominately industrial area with easy access to the A63, and be far better located than Brough to act as a regional parkway station; Brough currently 'doubles up' as the local station for Brough and Elloughton and as a parkway station for the wider area.

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