Saturday, 22 June 2019

Acklams 504A

Acklams Coaches amended interworked Monday to Friday Bridlington services 131 and 504 from Tuesday 7th May.

The biggest change is on service 504 from Bempton into Bridlington, where the 0930 from Bempton and 1200 return from Bridlington Bus Station now operate as service 504A, additionally serving Fortyfoot and St Annes Road in Bridlington. If the map on is correct, the 504A seems to operate down Fortyfoot to St Annes Road and then 'double backs' on itself to resume the main 504 route.

As a result the 1230 Bempton to Bridlington 504 now operates at 1238, and the 1320 131 from Carnaby Industrial Estate to Bridlington and back now operates at 1325.

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Anonymous said...

Not directly on topic but you may want to start a new topic on this.

It is rumoured that Bus King have sold out to Aklams.
Tim Wilkinson son of the owner has left the company. He was operations manager and also a director.
Several Bus King vehicles have had all vinyls removed.

And the original company Busking (Driffield)Ltd has been dissolved according to companies house,although Busking Ltd is still shown as trading.