Sunday, 16 September 2018

Tried and Failed: The N125

Catching up on the last of Stagecoach's April changes in Hull, and this time it's a total withdrawal, of the N125 nightbus from Hull to Beverley via the Avenues, Dunswell and Woodmansey. The N125 had only begun in September 2017, offering three services from Hull Monument Bridge at 2320, 2350 and 0050 on Saturday nights/Sunday morning, as well as a single 0015 departure from Beverley. These ran for the last time on Saturday 28th April.

There is a 2320 service 5 from Hull Old Town up to the Avenues area and the top end of Beverley Road, but nothing later. EYMS's 106 nightbus does briefly 'intersect' with the N125's old route on Cottingham Road. In terms of services from Hull to Dunswell, Woodmansey and Beverley, the last service reverts to being EYMS's 2300 service 246 departure from Paragon Interchange. The single departure from Beverley is not such a loss however, as EYMS have a 0025 service 121 departure from Beverley to Hull.

It is disappointing the N125 was withdrawn, the Avenues are a key part of Hull's evening/night economy as well as the City Centre. However all other post 2330 departures from Paragon Interchange were withdrawn at the same time indicating the nightbus network just wasn't working out for Stagecoach in Hull. In addition Stagecoach have a very minimal presence in Dunswell, Woodmansey and Beverley which may have impacted on awareness of the N125. Stagecoach deserve credit for trying out a new service at least.

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