Friday 28 September 2018

Brigg Town Service Changes

From Tuesday 3rd July, the Hornsby Travel operated Brigg Town Services were significantly revised. They operate every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - in a rather efficient arrangement which sees the services operate on different days to the Barton Town Service. The Brigg Town Services used to have a different timetable each day, I think the bus was used for a day centre service in Hibaldstow on a Tuesday for part of the morning, whilst the service operated slightly longer into the afternoon on a Thursday than on the other two days.

Previously there were three routes as part of the Brigg Town Services - the 91, 92 and 93. The 91 served the Churchill Avenue in the east of Brigg on all journeys, with some journeys also serving Woodbine Avenue. The neighbouring village of Wrawby was served on two journeys, essentially one journey into Brigg and one back. In Wrawby the service ran via Tunnel Road and Vicarage Gardens. The 92 routed to the north of Brigg Town Centre, serving Redcombe Lane, Grammar School Road, Springbank and Poplar Drive. The 93 meanwhile served Brigg Garden Centre and the nearby villages of Howsham and Cadney, operating as a circular to/from Cary Lane.

Now there are just two routes, the 91 as the sole 'true' town service, and the 92 is the new number for the 93.

The new 91 takes the 92 route from Brigg Cary Lane (the main town centre bus stop) up to the Springbank/Poplar Drive area in the north of Brigg and then either returns back to Cary Lane, or operates via Hawthorn Avenue to Woodbine Avenue and the Churchill Avenue areas in the east of Brigg (i.e. the old 91 area), before returning to Cary Lane. Wrawby is no longer served, with the new X4 and C4 now providing Monday to Saturday services for Tunnel Road in Wrawby, but Vicarage Gardens does not have a replacement service.

The new 91 has three full route journeys Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, three journeys to Springbank/Poplar Drive and then direct back to Cary Lane Tuesday and Thursday, plus one on Saturday, and also one Churchill Avenue to Cary Lane 'short' on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The 'old' 92 to Springbank/Poplar Drive provided three Tuesday, six Thursday and four Saturday journeys, and the 'new' 91 provides six Tuesday/Thursday journeys and four on Saturdays - so a significant Tuesday improvement. The 'old 91' provided Churchill Avenue with four Tuesday, six Thursday and five Saturday journeys, with the 'new 91' providing four Tuesday and Thursday journeys and three on Saturdays - a bit of a drop on Thursday and Saturday.

The main feature of the new 92 compared to the old 93 is an extra early afternoon short between Cary Lane and Brigg Garden Centre. There remains one 'full route' journey each way around the circular route. The new 92 has the same number of journeys on all three operating days.

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