Sunday, 15 July 2018

EYMS Bridlington Town Service 6

On Tuesday 8th May, EYMS introduced new Bridlington Town Service 6, replacing parts of previous services 503, 510, 512 and 513 that operated for the last time on Saturday 5th May; a small part of EYMS's 504 is also covered by the new 6, with the 504 continuing to a revised route operated 'directly' by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, of which more in a future post.

The new 6 covers the north eastern part of Bridlington operating hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes from Bridlington Bus Station via Flamborough Road, Queensgate, Hustler Road, Sewerby Road and Viking Road before looping via Marton Gate, West Crayke and The Crayke back to Viking Road and as per the outbound route back into the town centre.

The eastern part of Queensgate and Hustler Road had previously been served by hourly service 503, and the new service 6 with nine journeys a day is a slight improvement on the 503's seven weekday and eight Saturday services. The section of Sewerby Road served was previously covered by the hourly 510, though the 6 is a slight downgrade as unlike the 510, the 6 does not operate at peak times (first departure 0845 from Bridlington Bus Station, last departure 1655).

The rest of the route primarily replaces parts of the 512 and 513 circulars, that had each operated every 45 minutes including at peak times. In east Bridlington they operated from the Bus Station via Eighth Avenue and Limekiln Lane, now covered by the new 14, then via Viking Road and The Crayke 'area' before running via Marton Road and Trentham Drive en-route to/from Bridlington Bus Station. (See service 5 for replacing the rest of the 512/513). The 512 operated anti-clockwise, covering Moordacks Road, Keppel Drive, Thorntondale Drive and Wharfedale Drive in The Crayke 'area' - none of which are now served - and the 513 operated clockwise, serving West Crayke and The Crayke. Whilst the 6 brings simplification to these areas, it also brings a reduced service and loss of peaktime buses, as well as a service to the health centre.

Finally the 6 also acts as a replacement for the hourly 504 along Marton Gate.

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