Sunday, 24 June 2018

EYMS Bridlington Town Service 3

Last month EYMS halved their service to the West Hill Estate in Bridlington. Until Saturday 5th May, routes 505 and 506 had each provided an hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service to the estate and back again from Bridlington Bus Station, together providing a half hourly service, although with a 22-38 minute interval at their West Hill timing point. The 505 operated via the Health Centre whereas the 506 took the more direct Hilderthorpe Road route; around West Hill the 505 operated anti-clockwise and the 506 clockwise. Both routes also included Bridlington Hospital.

Since Tuesday 8th May EYMS's only West Hill service has been on new hourly Monday to Saturday daytime route 3, operating from Bridlington Bus Station via the Health Centre then clockwise around West Hill to Bridlington Hospital and back to the Bus Station via the Health Centre. Hilderthorpe Road remains served by out of town services 45/45A/121/130/136, with the 45/45A/121 also covering Bessingby Road/Bridlington Hospital.

Another consequence of the change is that the first service from West Hill to Bridlington is now at 0919 rather than 0847, and the last departure from Bridlington Bus Station is at 1715 rather than 1735.

With EYMS seemingly struggling in West Hill, would it be worthwhile diverting either the 45/45A or the 121 via the estate to supplement the 3 without needing any extra resource? The journey time penalty would be small if it was instead off rather than as well as Bridlington Hospital - and that is why I say one route or the other to keep a Driffield-Bridlington Hospital service. As well providing an extra link between West Hill and Bridlington Town Centre, it would also provide West Hill with access to Driffield and either Hull/Beverley or York, and potentially some earlier/later and Sunday services.

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Unknown said...

Poor suggestion for various reasons.
Thornton Road is always a problem with parked cars and having a out of town service stuck would be a nightmare..
The routing of the 121 on Sundays into the estate would remove the bus service from outside the Hospital.
The current service into the estate is adequate for the number of passengers who use the service.