Saturday, 23 June 2018

EYMS Bridlington Town Service 2

EYMS revised and simplified their Bridlington Town Bus network from Tuesday 8th May. One of the least impacted areas was south Bridlington. Here the 503 had been the main service until Saturday 5th May, routing from Bridlington Promenade via the Health Centre/Rail Station and Cardigan Road to Belvedere Parade before returning via Avocet Way, Kingsgate (A165), George Street, the northern part of Cardigan Road and the Health Centre/Rail Station to Bridlington Bus Station.

With the new network this part of Bridlington is now served by new service 2. It starts as well as finishes at Bridlington Bus Station, and from comparing maps seems to omit George Street and part of Cardigan Road inbound in favour of serving more of Kingsgate. Otherwise it's the same route as the 503 in south Bridlington.

The timetable is fairly similar as well. The 503 departed Bridlington Promenade hourly between 0925 and 1525 Monday to Friday and between 0825 and 1525 Saturdays. The 2 departs Bridlington Bus Station hourly between 0920 and 1420 Monday to Saturday, then 1530 and 1630, albeit with the 1420 and 1530 not running on schooldays.

Kingsgate is also served by EYMS service 130 between Hornsea and Bridlington and Busking's 136 between Driffield and Bridlington. The 136 also serves Avocet Way on it's 1700 and 1815 departures from Bridlington Bus Station.

The 503 also served parts of north Bridlington. I will cover these routes in more detail in future posts, but the 6 now covers the 503 along Queensgate and Hustler Road, the 12 and 13 along parts of Marton Road, the 5 along Bempton Lane and revised service 504 replaces the 503 around Darwin Road.

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