Sunday, 27 May 2018

EYMS 277 May Changes

Last April EYMS revised their 277 service between Hull City Centre, Holderness Road, Bilton, Sproatley, Preston (Main Street and Station Road) and Hedon to also include Weghill Road in Preston, Burstwick and Thorngumbald. As part of this change the service operated as a circular between Preston Main Street, Preston Station Road, Hedon, Thorngumbald, Burstwick, Preston Weghill Road and Preston Main Street on most journeys.

On Tuesday 8th May, EYMS reversed this routing change. This provides more direct journeys in each direction between Holderness Road/Bilton,/Sproatley/Preston Main Street and Hedon, and meant that Station Road in Preston regained services in each direction all day, important for local travel to/from Hedon and for quicker journeys into Hull. On the other hand Weghill Road and parts of Burstwick are left with just the Saturday only 173 service (i.e. the pre-April 2017 arrangement). Thorngumbald and other parts of Burstwick remain served by the main Hull-Hedon-Withernsea services, some of which also serve the southern part of Holderness Road.

At the same time, EYMS have also reduced the number of journeys. From Preston to Hull 8 journeys on weekdays and 6 on Saturdays had been provided, but that is now 6 Monday to Saturday. From Hull Paragon Interchange 6 weekday and 5 Saturday departures become 5 weekday and 4 Saturday departures. The last two journeys from Hedon start in Hull as a service 79.

For Bilton and Sproatley the reduction is more significant as EYMS also withdrew their 220/221 services at the same time. I will cover these routes more in a separate post, but from these two villages the 220/221 had provided an extra 3 services into Hull and 4 services from Hull.

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