Monday, 28 May 2018

196 passes to York Pullman

On Thursday 10th May, York Pullman took over operation of East Riding of Yorkshire Council tendered service 196 from EYMS. The 196 operates on Thursdays between Aughton and York via Sutton on Derwent, Newton on Derwent and Elvington, with one journey in each direction. The morning journey continues to depart Aughton at 0930 but the return now operates slightly later at 1337 from York Station Road, as opposed to 1320 previously.

Given cuts to the 18 and 195, off which more in a future post, it seems a shame the service hasn't been extended to start at Bubwith or be diverted to include Melbourne and/or Seaton Ross, but I guess schools services, the 0930 concessionary pass use start time and a desire to provide a good amount of time in York prevents this. However maybe a little time could be saved by operating between Newton upon Derwent and York via the A1079, as opposed to 'doubling back' to route via Elvington which has the 36 into York?

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