Saturday, 29 October 2016

Grimsby Service 11 withdrawn

Today (Saturday 29th October), Stagecoach service 11 in Grimsby operated for the last time. The route was introduced in May linking Grimsby Town Centre, Grimsby Hospital and the Matthew Telford Park residential area, operating Monday to Saturday morning and early afternoons. It had been funded by North East Lincolnshire Council but had not been used sufficiently.

Matthew Telford Park is not being left totally without bus services though. In addition to a Phone 'n' Ride demand responsive service, Stagecoach operated Lincolnshire County Council tendered service 25 from Ludford and Binbrook to Grimsby is being diverted via Matthew Telford Park from Monday 31st October. This will provide one weekday peak service and one Tuesday/Friday/Saturday daytime service to and from Grimsby Town Centre, which while not much is better than nothing and will be an option for some commuters, unlike service 11.


Sam Boothby said...

Service 51 Grimsby to Tetney has also come to an end today.

Joe said...

Riverhead Bus Station was in use again today, also tomorrow. As the crazy paving in Grimsby is removed due to expensive repairs being needed. So Georgd and Victoria Street stops are shut (resulting in less drunks and hippies uses the area today).
Town Hall Street unaffected.

All other buses use the old bus station site (new stands C, D, E, Night Time, & Drop Off), or new stand A near Hope and Anchor pub, and Stand L on Town Hall Square where coach trips usually end.

Stagecoach have a PDF and paper leaflet available.