Sunday, 23 October 2016

1D and 1E become 21 and 51

After operation on Saturday 29th October, EYMS services 1D and 1E operated under contract to Hull City Council will be replaced by new services 21 and 51, starting on Monday 31st October and also operated under contract to Hull City Council. EYMS say the change has been made to help services keep to time, and at the request of Hull City Council. To operate the revised services using the current two vehicles, cutbacks have been made, though there are some improvements as well.

Currently the 1D and 1E offer a combined hourly Monday to Saturday daytime frequency between Mizzen Road/Compass Road in North Hull, Beverley Road, Bridlington Avenue, Hull City Centre, Hull Royal Infirmary, Hessle Road Asda, Askew Avenue and Sibelius Road in West Hull. In West Hull journeys alternate between serving Boulevard, Selby Street and St Georges Road (service 1E) or Hawthorn Avenue and North Road (service 1D).

New service 21 will replace the North Hull parts of services 1D and 1E, but extending at the northern end of the route to Kingswood Retail Park, a link previously provided by service 1C. The frequency will be reduced to every 90 minutes off peak, with hourly peak time journeys not extending to Kingswood.

Service 51 will replace the 1E in West Hull, also operating every 90 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes (every 80 minutes late afternoon). Service 1D via Hawthorn Avenue and North Road is not being replaced, leaving these roads without a bus service. As a result whilst the sections of route served by both the 1D and 1E see a reduction in frequency, those areas served only by the two hourly 1E gain a frequency increase.

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