Monday, 28 March 2016

Substantial Saturday Improvements to Grimsby 1/2/20

These days improvements to tendered services are rather rare, but on Saturday (2nd April) that will happen in North East Lincolnshire, as the 1/2/20 group of services operaed by Stagecoach gain an improved Saturday service. The routes provide a link to the Europarc Industrial Estate on the edge of Grimsby, and also serve residential areas in West Marsh and around Victor Street.

On weekdays the 1 and 2 each operate hourly during the daytime; the 1 between Grimsby Town Centre, Lord Street, Gilbey Road, Europarc and Wybers Wood Top and the 2 between Riby Square, Victor Street, Grimsby Town Centre, Corporation Road, Gilbey Road and Europarc. Service 20 provides a limited early morning and evening link between Cleethorpes, Grimsby Town Centre, Corporation Road, Europarc and Wybers Wood Top, to meet the needs of Europarc commuters.

Until last week the Saturday service had been far more basic, with the 1 operating hourly between Grimsby Town Centre and Europarc only, and the 20 only in the early morning. However from this week the weekday timetable will also apply on a Saturday, so the 1 will extend through to Wybers Wood Top, the 2 gains a Saturday service, and the 20 gains a limited evening service. The introduction of the 2 on Saturdays is arguably most significant as Victor Street gains a Saturday bus service, and Corporation Road gains a Saturday daytime service.


Anonymous said...

Stagecoach have leaflets threatening the end of the paper Megarider ticket, we'll need to buy cards soon :(

An Armed Forces Day painted Bus, and open toppers are running in Grimsby/Cleethorpes too.

Sam Boothby said...

Paper Megariders have been dropped in East Midlands now, with smartcards being issued instead when a Megarider is purchased onboard any bus, I really don't see the problem with it? :)

Thanks, Sam

Sam Boothby said...

From this Sunday there will be some changes made to services 3/4/7/8/9/10 in Grimsby, and a new(!) route 11 will be introduced running on Monday to Saturday between Grimsby and Scartho Top

Thanks, Sam